not dead (let’s have dinner?)

My long absence from tumblr is not completely my choice. I’ve had very rough days (well, actually months), where I didn’t do anything but scroll tumblr waiting for the day to end. I’ve been diagnosed with depression, I’ve started to take meds and now I feel better, but still I am afraid of tumblr. Its infinite scroll was for me an excuse to do nothing all day, just a mere play like ‘not actually dead, see I am doing something’. I really like my blog, I think somehow it’s a little piece of me, with all those ironic photos and beautiful art, and I don’t want to close it or even leave it forever, but I need time to create again a healthy relationship with this site, or at least purge it from the negative stuff I created around it. So, unfollow me if you want, I don’t think you’ll miss big stuff, even when I’ll restart posting, but that’s why it’s not updated every day. I think I’ll post random things (as always) when I feel like, but not regularly. 


(And, you know, if we are mutuals you can claim your dinner)

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Andreas Franke, The Sinking World


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I would die and do the dishes

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gif request - for luna-deluna
Every episode of Kill la Kill

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thought i was a girl? try again.
thought i was a boy? nope„, you’re still wrong.

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Ruff and Tuff

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by wakame. 

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George R.R. Martin at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

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